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Charles Murdock, a jazz vocalist and pianist hailing from Fairfax and the DMV area, is a senior at George Mason University, pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Vocal Performance. Under the tutelage of Dr. Darden Purcell, he delves into the intricate realm of jazz vocal music, exploring the essence of being a modern-day jazz musician. His musical journey began early, joining his parent's band, Shrinking Violets, at the age of nine, where he honed his skills in both singing and piano. A fervent passion for jazz ignited during his middle school years, leading him to master the works of jazz legends like Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Jamie Cullum, and Jacob Collier by ear.

Recognizing his natural inclination, his parents encouraged him to study piano, leading him to receive a fusion of classical and jazz training from Burnett Thompson at 14. Upon entering GMU, he furthered his education in jazz piano under Wade Beach's guidance, eagerly participating in numerous ensembles. Charlie has graced the stage with esteemed artists such as Darden Purcell and Dominique Bianco, alongside an unforgettable performance with Maria Schneider during her GMU residency in Spring 2022. His musical prowess has resonated at esteemed venues including the Reagan Center in DC, Mr. Henry’s, and Blues Alley.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity about musical genres and their intersections, Charlie remains committed to melding his diverse influences into a harmonious blend of styles, a fusion evident in both his playing and vocal techniques.

"Charlie Murdock's mesmerizing blend of jazz vocals and piano artistry creates an unforgettable, soul-captivating experience."

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